Strawberry Lake
Strawberry Lake 2
Flathead Lake

Kalispell is located in the Flathead Valley. There are tons of outdoor activities to do all year round. Those include boating on Flathead Lake which is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. There's hiking in Glacier National Park-the "crown jewel of the continent"-and skiing on "Big Mountain" at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. The first two photographs are of Strawberry Lake which is north of Jewel Basin in the Flathead National Forest. You can see Flathead Lake off in the distance in the third photo.

Here are a couple of videos and channels that I like. They range from inspirational to educational and include several documentaries. There's also an indie music curator channel.

Brene Brown is a professor studying vulnerability and how it affects our lives. She became well known on the internet from her TED Talks and even spurred me to purchase her books.

Brene Brown Vulnerability TED Talk
Derek Banas Ruby Programming Tutorial
Bryan Ogilvie Things that keep you from success
Fancy Melancholic Indie Music Playlist
Alex Rust Travels the World
The Silicon Valley of Hardware
A documentary on Fear
Objectified - a documentary on Design
Video Games
Nintendo GameBoy

Source: Game Paused via The

I started playing video games with my Mom on the NES in the early '90s. We played a lot of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2. I remember her friend teaching us that you could actually have Mario go down the pipes and that secret question mark blocks existed. I also remember beating Super Mario Land 2 on the GameBoy on our porch during the summer after hours of play.

Growing up playing video games has actually helped determine my career path. I'm a software developer because I wanted to work for Nintendo. I got a double major in Computer Science and History which focused on Japan and the Japanese language. Someday I'd like to work in the video game industry to fulfill a dream and hopefully produce retro style games of my own one day. A friend and I get together for Game Jams once in a while to do just that.


Speaking of my interest in games, I've made a simplified prototype of the card game Blackjack. I'm planning to make Blackjack my go-to code kata for practicing concepts.

Check it out here.

Phaser Platformer

For Game Jams my friend and I use and Entity Component Systems as the general framework. For the beginner's tutorial for Phaser you walkthrough creating a tiny platformer, here's mine.

Check out my little demo here.