June 21, 2017

A friend introduced me to the framework. It's a video game development framework for the web utilizing JavaScript as the main programming language. I completed the first tutorial (available here) and decided to keep going with it (they provide several more assets for inspiration). This is nothing special and I have a long way to go to learning Phaser but it's been fun creating a little platformer. I really liked how quickly it was to put together. It's always motivating completing little victories as you build something new--it's fun! But this felt very rapid. The creator of Phaser posted a talk he gave which gives a nice overview of the architecture. Check it out if you're interested in web development at all. It's pretty impressive work.

How to Play

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect all the stars before the time runs out! If you do that collect the diamond that appears to beat the level. Control the 'dude' using the arrow keys. Jump by pressing the up arrow key.

Good luck!